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Vegan/Vegetarian restaurants in Riga

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Vegan food in Riga

Looking for vegan food in Riga? After trying some vegan food at a house party recently, we decided it is really not that bad and tastes quite good! Personally we wont be converting any time soon but respect to people who can instantly change their diet! This got us thinking, Were is best place for vegan food in Riga? 

Terapija vegan cafe

Terapija is located on  69 Bruņinieku iela, just of A Čaka iela. The cafe was opened in June 2016 with the mission to show that “vegan food can be enjoyed by anyone and everyone” and are proud to state they are 110% vegan!

We fully back their mission statement, we unfortunately are not vegan yet we will be coming back here for food in the future, its a different experience.

The greatest aspect of Terapija is that they use local and organic products and try to be as green as possible. Even their bread and burger buns are baked in house! Whats more is they also have just opened a bakery called Saldā terapija, which is located on 74 A Čaka iela.

What we admire especially about Terapija is there policy when it comes to plastics. They offer paper takeaway containers and try to use as little as possible. Recycling is also very key to their business idea and quite frankly, they are doing a great job!

For more information, head over to their facebook page. You can find great brunch offers and see the menu. Just note that this cafe is cash only.

Miit Coffee

Miit Coffee is located on 10 Lacplesa street, just up from the junction on Brivibas Iela. The Miit coffee boasts of fantastic coffee and  tasty vegetarian food with a laid back atmosphere.(ok not technicaly vegan food in Riga but we could not miss this Gem)

The menu for Miit is packed with delicious tasting dishes and it shows that so much care and attention is going into this establishment.

What we admire about this place a lot is the different social events they hold on a regular basis. Whats more is that they love coffee as well as good food and so do we! No one wants a bad coffee! Also, there desserts are a fantastic accompliment to any coffee.

A must visit for anyone looking for vegan/vegetarian restaurants in Riga!

For more information, head over to their website. You can also find out which events they are hosting next on their facebook page

Miit also offers card payment, outdoor seating and catering services.

The Beginnings

A franchise rather then a restaurant, this establishment in Riga is vast. They have two restaurants located on 12 Skola Iela and 21 K.R Barona iela as well as a shop in Spice. Furthermore, they also have a online shop selling health foods and vegan based products.

They state they are the most interesting “flexitarian” healthy food brand available and we could not agree more. Their menus consist of plant based foods and is a very satisfying experience alongside their smoothies and take away products.

We love how far these guys have come and how far they are going, they are actively spreading the message to everyone to eat better and eat more interesting foods.

You can check out the franchise website here. Please note that the Restaurant on Skola Iela is closed on weekends but open through the week. You can also order food at wolt.com

Fat Pumpkin

The Fat Pumpkin restaurant or as it is known in Latvian “Resnais Ķirbis” is located on 11 Grecinieku iela right in the middle of the picturesque  “Old Town” of Riga. You cant miss this restaurant if you are looking for it,just look for the big orange pumpkin on the sign outside!

They offer a whole host of vegan dishes including soups , salads, raw foods and what we loved best, burgers. We have also been told by numerous visitors that their food is like a art form and their customer service is second to none!

What we love about this restaurant is that it is not trying to be something it is not, it is just great food. You can rarely find a bad review about the place on most review sites!  We would say that the fat pumpkin is up there as one of the best vegan/vegetarian restaurants in Riga

For more information on the Fat pumpkin head over to their facebook page  

The fat pumpkin also offer outside seating, card payment and catering services.


Not only here because they are Liam’s favourite band. Nirvana or doing it right when it comes to vegan food in Riga,raw food to be exact.Nirvana is Located on 5 Ģertrūdes iela and if you have never had a raw food experience then we suggest you head over. 

Nirvana have a great Latvian saying on their website  “Better to see once, that listen thousandfold” and we understood this after visiting. They go on to say that taste is individual and this restaurant is not best described but come and experience what they have. There is no harm in trying something different

The menu offers a vast amount of different food selections, all vegan and never cooked over 45 celsius! Whats more is they offer afternoon smoothies and teas. I can vouch that the food is great although a bit different from what you might aspect

We like Nirvana purely because they are doing something different with the raw food element. After speaking to the staff you can understand how passionate they are being raw food eaters themselves!

For more information head over to their website  or their facebook page