School search in Latvia

School search in Latvia proving difficult? Expatvians can help. We have the experience and contacts to provide your child with the best schooling possible.

Looking for the best school for your children is easily done in two stages:


#1 Consultation

The consultation stage is where we find out what will be the most fitting options for you. We take into consideration a lot of factors such as your location, your willingness to commute, age of the children, Languages spoken and more. We will also ask for Any other relevant information which could help us find the perfect school

#2 Appointments and Application

Once we have compiled a school list we deem suitable for you we will then arrange appointments at time that suits you. This is usually the best way to get an idea of how the school works and how it could benefit your child.Once you have made a decision we will then assist you in the application process and help you get everything set up.

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