Private Latvian lessons

Private Latvian lessons are something here at Expatvians we feel is a necessity for your stay here. With Expatvians we can help you arrange either group or private Latvian language lessons with a native speaker who also speaks English.What is more is that we can also help you find a cultural course to expand your knowledge of your new home. In Latvia English is now being widely used more frequently these days however it will be advised to learn the basics in Latvian. Yes, Russian can be used sporadically in Latvia yet it is less frequently used in this day.The Latvian language is only spoken by roughly 2 million people throughout the globe so the locals will be extremely happy to hear you speak their mother tongue!



Group lessons

Private lessons

Cultural lessons

Private Latvian lessons are just the start of the language services we can offer, our team consists of many different nationalities! If you have a desire to improve your English, learn German or even a Indian Language we could make this happen for you.


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