Moving to Latvia?

Moving to Latvia to start a new life? Well that could be the best possible decision you have made. Expatvians can help you take full advantage of your new adventure. We can take on the hard work so you can sit back and enjoy the perks of your new home. 

At Expatvians we have worked with hundreds of individuals who have moved to Latvia and were not too shy to ask the assistance to make the move as smooth as possible. Whether it be accommodation, language, doctors appointment or just where to buy a bus ticket, we have got you covered. We dont only just help with the nitty gritty stuff, our services stretch as far as showing you beaches, national parks and even visiting new cities! 

We take note of your needs and build a day with you to incorporate all the elements and make sure you see the best of Latvia not only Riga. What is more important is that we will always be available after the initial move so you will always have us to help you. We will also invite you to the Expatvian socials where you can meet up


What we can provide

Temporary accommodation

We can help you find the best possible place where to stay when you are moving to Latvia. We prefer serviced apartments, the convenience of weekly cleaning and a feeling of home

Home searches

A property tour through apartments selected to fit your criteria.We listen to your requirements and plan accordingly. Click here to visit our home search page to find out more.

School searches

If you are moving with your family, we can work with you to get the best possible school placement for your children.Click here to visit our school search search page to find out more.

Contact with expat community

Not only do we offer relocation and integrations services here at Expatvians, we also host socials events and expat meet ups.Click here to find out about our upcoming events.

Immigration and Visa support

We have experience working with people from all over the globe and can help with any queries which may arise.We can also help with the interviews and paper work for residency permits.

Settling in and integrations

We can offer an orientation tours,language schools and cultural courses. Also as part of this package we offer a buddy for one week who will be reachable 24/7 in case of any queries.

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