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“Expatvian social events provides you with the opportunity to meet new people in a relaxed environment”

Relocation and integration services in Latvia

Integration socials:
meet new people in Latvia

The integration socials are there so migrants can meet new people in Latvia.We out them in place to help new migrants enjoy the Latvia the way we do.

What we mean by this is that Latvia is full of intellectual minds from all over the globe, all seeking a new challenge. What better way to meet new people in Latvia?

By having a monthly integration social, we can help these people connect and share their experiences 

Whats more is that we do not design these socials purely for expats, they are for locals as well and we actively encourage them to participate in a newcomers integration!  

Below you will find the link and information for our next social

We look forward to seeing many old faces and new


Monthly social event
  • Ezītis Mīgla
  • 9 Palasta Iela
  • 27th April 20:00–03:00
  • 8 Euro, food and discounted drinks included
  • Buy Tickets here

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