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“The team at Expatvians understands the importance of integrations in Latvia”

Relocation and integration services in Latvia

Integrations in Latvia

Integrations in Latvia are vital to help any newcomer set up the perfect adventure. At Expatvians we are specialists in helping you get accustomed to your new surroundings and living arrangements. 

We believe that the integration and onboarding proccess is key to a successful stay in Latvia. Where else would you be able to be told where your nearest gym is, your local doctor or your nearer supermarket?

Whats more is that if you have an onboarding with Expatvians, you will have a free ticket to your first integration social event!

When thinking about the different types of Integrations in Latvia the team at Expatvian HQ came up with two concepts:


Integration socials

Once a month we invite everyone (even the locals) to come and have drink with the Expatvians team. These events have many benefits, from networking to making new friends, there is something for everyone!

First week onboarding

We understand that the first week in a new country can be very difficult. At Expatvians we try take this stress away from you by offering our buddy system in the first week. Read on to find out more!


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