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Gauja National park, Sigulda!

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Gauja National park-Sigulda

Gauja national park is something in which you need to see once in your lifetime. We are planning to do the trips in 3 stages as it is so vast. This weekend we decided to do part 1, which was to visit Sigulda.

The park is stunning and very easily accessible from Riga via train. (Quick hint, download the app Pasažieru Vilciens and buy your tickets online and beat the cue!) It will take you 1 hour from Riga central, you will know when to get out at Sigulda because all the cyclists normally leave here!

Where we stayed, Glamping!

Now, as we don’t have a tent available, we decided to book a “glamping” style accommodation with Glempings ”Klaukas””. We have never been “glamping” before, however, it was a fantastic experience ! Everything was there and readily available for making food and having a BBQ, there was a full working shower and the tent had working electrics!

The campsite is right on the Gauja river and there is an amazing swimming place just near by. You can easily access all the sites which the Sigulda section of the Park has to offer.

What to see and do! And some Advice!

Whilst we were there we explored  the views from Paradise hill, the beautiful shape of Gutmans cave, Krimuldas pils and Siguldas Pilsdrupas. Iur advice to anyone would be to make sure you are in a good physical condition. The park has a lot of steep inclines and decline sup the hillside. Also, be careful whilst swimming, The Gauja has a false bottom!

Whats next?

We are already planning to do our second visit to the Gauja, this time camping in Cēsis. We may also finish up with the a boat trip the whole length of the river!

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