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Dog Parks in Riga- Walk with Bjorn!

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Dog parks in Riga!

Dog parks in Riga are quite easy to find and very convenient for a growing pup. When Bjorn was first able to go for a walk after his vaccinations, we was researching for a place to take him. This was so he could integrate with other dogs and run around off lead at the same time. Luckily Riga has a few options which suited our needs.

Dog park in Ziedoņdārzs Parks

The first park we visited was Ziedoņdārzs Parks. You can find this on either Aleksandra Čaka iela or Matīsa iela. It is a beautifully placed parks with lots of open space, fountains, child’s play area and  most important for Bjorn, an enclosed dog exercise yard. The exercise yard is better suited for small dogs as the area is quite small and the equipment is smaller then the other park

Dog park in Viesturdārzs Parks

Second park we visited was located opposite Viesturdārzs Parks on Eksporta iela. The park also has the same space and facilities as Ziedoņdārzs Parks and is located next to AndreSala. A special part of this park is the fountain memorial, which is dedicated to the founders of the singing and dancing festival!

 The dog park is a lot bigger with more exercise activities which seem to be suited to much larger dogs. There is however, A lot of room for dogs to run and play and always fresh water available!

Dog parks in Riga

Dog park in Grīziņkalns park (1905 park)

Third park to visit was suggested by someone on our Latvanglian facebook page. It is located on Pērnavas iela 54,it has a great outside gym in the summer month and has a monument to to 1905 revolutionary station. If you walk over the three tiers of the park you will find a medium size dog park at the back.  The dog park is really cleverly designed. It is made up of 2 areas, one for large dogs and one for small. They are separated by a small paddock to let yourself in. A  very clever and well thought out idea!