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Christmas markets in Riga

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Christmas markets in Riga

The Christmas markets in Riga are rapidly becoming some of the most popular European destination for tourists. Many people from all over the globe are now flocking to sample the local food, buy a handmade souvenir and drink some hot balsam (Latvian traditional winter drink). We cant blame them, Christmas markets in Riga are truly a sensational sight and a must do for any bucket list. 

Read on further to find out where the Christmas market are in Riga and what to see and do. 

Doma and Livu Square (Laukums)

Both of these are located in central old town (Vēc Riga) and will host the most authentic markets in Latvia.They are within walking distance to each other, perfect for a winter afternoon!Both markets are open throughout December from 10-8 every day. On friday and saturday they also stay open  and stays open till 10 on friday and saturday nights

There is a lot to see and do at both squares. Doma square has a variety of different performances* every day from Christmas choirs to the dragging of the log! Once you find something that takes your interest, get a hot balsam and take the kids to pet the sheep.Over at Livu you will be immersed in little pop up shops selling all different kinds of items such as mittens, ceramics and amber jewelry.At both markets there is also an abundance of local food on offer, such as grey peas with speck and dozens of different sausages. Oh, did we also mention that Santa comes for a visit Doma square everyday? 

*For information on what to see at Doma square this Christmas, Click here 

Christmas markets in Riga


You will find Esplande located next to the Orthodox cathedral, just a short walk away from Livu square.On your way you will see the historical freedom monument of Latvia. The square  is open throughout December from 11-19:00.

The square and markets are slightly smaller compared to those at Livu and Doma. They also house similar items to buy, such as food and souvenirs. The standout attraction here however, Is the rabbit Kingdom. The rabbit kingdom (or small town) is a great place to take the kids. They can get up close and personal with the furry inhabitants who call the town home!

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Christmas markets in Riga

Riga Central market

Riga central market (Central Tirgus) is a must stop not only at Christmas, but all year round. It is located centrally, just a few hundred metres from the old town and next to the Daugava and central station. You cant miss the market even if you tried, it is huge!

There is a lot to see and do here, we would recommend to walk around and sample many of the different food and drink on offer. Alternatively, you can book a guided tour in many different languages. At Christmas time, a few more stalls appear selling more seasonal related gifts such as mulled wine and mittens.The central market is definitely worth a visit when spending some time in Riga

For more information, Visit the Central market website


Christmas markets in Riga

 Kalnciema Quarter

The Kalnciema quarter is located on the other side of the river and is easily accessible by bus (take the 22).The markets are open every weekend throughout the year from 10-4 and are known for their holiday atmosphere.

This Christmas market in Riga has everything you will find at a normal traditional market. Items include mulled wine, food, gifts but there is something different about it.The whole feel of the place is warm, cosy and everything is crafted with care. Alongside the stalls and items for sale they will also have a full program for the kids including creative workshops and book readings.

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Christmas markets in Riga

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