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Relocation and integration services in Latvia

8 of the Best Business Lunch Spots in Riga

8 of the Best Business Lunch Spots in Riga We’ve already told you about some of our favorite restaurants in Riga (like this one about vegan/vegetarian options) but we haven’t told you about one of the best things about Riga :  the “business lunch” . A “business lunch” (biznesa pusdienas) is a weekday lunch deal where…
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Folk dance in Latvia: Q&A with Evija Latkovska, former “Vektors” folk dancer

While Latvia is well-known as a country of singers (and Christmas markets, and beautiful nature), not everyone knows that Latvians have another special talent: folk dancing. Folk dancing in Latvia has its origins in the 17th-18th century, and was often done as a part of pagan traditions. The first Latvian Song Festival occurred in 1873, and from 1937 onward, folk dance was…
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Christmas markets in Riga

Christmas markets in Riga The Christmas markets in Riga are rapidly becoming some of the most popular European destination for tourists. Many people from all over the globe are now flocking to sample the local food, buy a handmade souvenir and drink some hot balsam (Latvian traditional winter drink). We cant blame them, Christmas markets…
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Vegan/Vegetarian restaurants in Riga

Vegan food in Riga Looking for vegan food in Riga? After trying some vegan food at a house party recently, we decided it is really not that bad and tastes quite good! Personally we wont be converting any time soon but respect to people who can instantly change their diet! This got us thinking, Were…
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Dog Parks in Riga- Walk with Bjorn!

Dog parks in Riga! Dog parks in Riga are quite easy to find and very convenient for a growing pup. When Bjorn was first able to go for a walk after his vaccinations, we was researching for a place to take him. This was so he could integrate with other dogs and run around off…
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Life in Latvia-Mohit Sharma from New Zealand

Life in Latvia interviews #1- Mohit Sharma Life in Latvia interviews provide a insight to living in Latvia from a expat point of view. Below we hear from Mohit Sharma, an Expat from new Zealand who moved here to be with his fiance who is a returning Latvian. Read on to here how he finds…
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Gauja National park, Sigulda!

Gauja National park-Sigulda Gauja national park is something in which you need to see once in your lifetime. We are planning to do the trips in 3 stages as it is so vast. This weekend we decided to do part 1, which was to visit Sigulda. The park is stunning and very easily accessible from…
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