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8 of the Best Business Lunch Spots in Riga

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8 of the Best Business Lunch Spots in Riga

We’ve already told you about some of our favorite restaurants in Riga (like this one about vegan/vegetarian options) but we haven’t told you about one of the best things about Riga :  the “business lunch” . A “business lunch” (biznesa pusdienas) is a weekday lunch deal where a restaurant offers a reduced menu of lunch options on weekdays – for a lower price. 

The only problem? Not all restaurants advertise this, so it can be hard to know where to go. That’s where we come in. Here are 8 of the best business lunch spots in Riga. And the best part? Each of these places offer delicious lunches –  for 7,50 euros or less.

1. Stockpot (3 locations) 

Courtesy of Stockpot

Stockpot may have a small menu, but don’t be fooled – this lunch spot is the definition of “quality over quantity.” Inspired by Thai and Indian cuisine, each dish is prepared in small batches so that it can be served quickly. Good, cheap, fast – what more could you want? Curries, soups, salads and wraps are offered, with vegetarian, vegan and lactose free options. Half portions are typically 4 euros or less, and full portions are 8 euros or less. The menu changes daily, but you can keep up to date on their website and Facebook page.

Courtesy of Austra

Named after a traditional Latvian symbol, Austra’s got style. With beautiful modern decor, and tasty Latvian cuisine (including vegetarian options), it’s the perfect place to relax and take a lunch break. Stroll in for lunch on a weekday afternoon and you’ll likely find university students, businessmen, and moms and dads alike taking a moment to enjoy the atmosphere. On weekdays from 12:00 – 16:00, lunch costs 5 euros or less. The menu changes daily, so follow them on Facebook or visit their website to see what’s new.

3. Melnā Bite (Audēju iela 13, Old Town)

Courtesy Melnā Bite

Nestled in the heart of Old Town, Melnā Bite (The Black Bee) is a firm believer in the “farm to table” concept. Their ingredients are sourced from local farmers in order to create tasty and unique Latvian cuisine inspired by the season’s crops. They offer an affordable business lunch for 7 euros (includes salad and a main course), or 9,50 (salad, main course and dessert). The charmingly quirky decor takes its cue from their namesake (the bumblebee), adding a unique touch to this Old Town gem.

4. Singh’s (4 locations)

Courtesy of Singh's

Singh’s has 4 locations in Riga, and is one of the best places in town for good Indian food. While you may know it for its dinner options, Singh’s also has a delicious business lunch offer. From 11:00 – 15:00, for €7,50 you get papadum (rice crisps), sheek kebab (minced lamb dish), karahi murgh (chicken with bell peppers, onion and tomatoes), basmati rice and naan. They also offer a vegetarian lunch option. At the Ģertrūdes street location, you can also try an Indo-Chinese fusion lunch for the same price.

5. Beef Eater’s (Krīšjāņa Valdemāra iela 75)

Courtesy of Beef Eater's

Unsurprisingly, Beef Eater’s is known for their mouth-wateringly good steak. But they also serve a business lunch, a well-kept secret (until now) that serves as a good introduction to one of Riga’s finest establishments. On weekdays, for just 5,60 euros, you get a 2-course business lunch (including a meat dish), served with bread and water. The offer changes by the day, so be sure to call ahead to ask what’s cooking.

6. Hercogs (4 locations)

Courtesy of Hercogs

Hercogs calls itself a family restaurant, but there’s no denying that Hercog’s has class. While they’re known for their seafood (two words: fresh oysters), Hercog’s offers a bit of everything, perfect for foodie tourists and hungry families alike. There are 4 locations (Ķīpsala, Mežaparks, Mārupe and Ādaži), and each offers a business lunch. On weekdays, you can choose 2 dishes (main meal + either soup, salad or dessert) for 7,00 euros, or 3 dishes for 8,40 euros. The business lunch menu changes every week and varies by location, so you’ll always find something new. Stay up-to-date by checking a location’s website or Facebook page.

7. Vecmeita ar Kaķi (Mazā Pils iela 1, Old Town)

Vecmeita ar Kaķi

If you’re looking for a classic Latvian lunch in a homey atmosphere, Vecmeita ar Kaķi (“Old Spinster with a Cat”) is the place to go. Specializing in Latvian home cooked food, they offer meat and vegetarian dishes, soups, and salads ranging in price from 2 – 4 euros. Some of their most popular dishes include the meatballs, borscht, and chicken with cabbage. Everything is made fresh and the menu changes daily, so be sure to check their Facebook page for more information. 

8. Gastro Center (Central Market)

Photo: Megan Gleason

The newly renovated Gastro Center reopened in early February 2019 after a 2- year hiatus. The new and improved Center is hip and modern – upbeat music sets the tone above the hubbub of chatter as visitors eat at long wooden tables – and with over 20 vendors, lunch options are plentiful. Satisfy your inner foodie with pelmeni from “Pel Man”, pizza from “Stūris”, a burger from “Rav Burger”, chicken wings from “Hatch”, or poke from “B’Owl”. Prices average around 5 – 6 euros, and you can view the menus for each vendor here.

Do you have favorite lunch spots to add to the list? Questions about life in Latvia? Email us at admin@expatvians.com .

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