Relocation and integration services in Latvia

Relocation and integration services are a growing requirement in Latvia as more and more newcomers relocate to this beautiful country. At Expatvians, we provide any newcomer with the best possible start to their new life here.Our confidence that we can help you are taken from our own experience and work force as half of our company have relocated to Latvia and have been in your shoes. The team at Expatvians knows how difficult it can be settling in and how much the support matters but do not worry as we can help.

Expatvians can provide the best opportunity to anyone  moving to Latvia when it comes to finding the best property and finding your feet,its the little things. We also can offer a welcome buddy for a week to help you set up and discover all the things you need to be comfortable.Whats more is that we can personally invite you to our social events that give you a chance to meet fellow migrants and locals. We even can offer you integration and cultural advice and even set you up with a accredited language provider!


Who is behind the Expatvian movement?

Expatvians consists of life partners – Liam and Evija. Together they provide any person who is moving to Latvia the chance find a home and settle down. They also help integrate new migrants with locals and expats who already call this beautiful country home! Through their own experiences as an expat and returning Latvian they have found that it can be a little tricky getting set up when first arriving. This spurred the idea of Expatvians and they decided to help and share their own experiences with other newcomers to Latvia.

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