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Relocation services

Are you looking to move to Latvia and need some help? Come see what services Expatvians can offer to make your journey that extra bit easier

Integration and onboarding

Expatvians can help you get accustomed to your new home.Read on to find out how the team here can help you get settled and integrated

Latvian language centre

If you are living in Latvia, why not learn the native language? Expatvians offers group and private study in a relaxed environment, find out more here


There is more to Latvia then the big cities and we want to show it to everyone. At Expatvians we can provide you with a intenary like no other, read on and see

About Expatvians

 Find out how an idea to document the life of an expat living in Latvia with his native fiance came to be a corporate success

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Here you can read all our recommendations and reviews for places and things to see and do in Latvia

Folk dance in Latvia: Q&A with Evija Latkovska, former “Vektors” folk dancer

While Latvia is well-known as a country of singers (and Christmas markets, and beautiful nature), not everyone knows that Latvians have another special talent: folk dancing. Folk dancing in Latvia has its origins in the 17th-18th[…]

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Christmas markets in Riga

Christmas markets in Riga The Christmas markets in Riga are rapidly becoming some of the most popular European destination for tourists. Many people from all over the globe are now[…]

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Vegan/Vegetarian restaurants in Riga

Vegan food in Riga Looking for vegan food in Riga? After trying some vegan food at a house party recently, we decided it is really not that bad and tastes[…]

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